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Patent Agent Bar Exam Review

A 10 week online Patent Bar prep course that will help you pass the Patent Bar Exam the first time!

This is a fully monitored online 10 week course that WILL be an effective test preparation for the Patent Attorney and Agent Bar Exam! click here to register!


  • Log in when you have time during the open sessions.


  • Not a set of binders and DVD's, but live instructors facilitating the entire course.


  • Practice exams, Q&A's, and tons of other content designed for your success in passing the Exam.


  • Only those portions of the MPEP that have or will be tested are included so you don't waste your time!


  • Someone to answer your questions and emails regardless of how many questions you have.


  • Half Bar and full Bar exams timed and creating as close to an actual Patent Bar Exam as possible.


  • Tips and tricks that no other Bar Preps tell you.

Only $1,999!  See "Services" for more details